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Episode of the Week:      Carnival of MonstersEdit


One of Jon Pertwee's most thrilling episodes and monster-packed stories has made it to the Episode of the Week. When the Doctor and Jo find themselves trapped in an alien peepshow controlled by Vorg and Shirna, a pair of Lurman entertainers, all is going down a very slopy hill. Arriving on the SS cargo ship they witness terrifying monster and alien arrivals such as the Drashigs that could be described as maximized upright slugs. This 4-episode story has also a couple of cliffhangers. An example of one is when the Doctor and Jo escape Vorg and Shirna's clutches, making their way back to the TARDIS but they gaze up in horror as an enormous human hand lifts the TARDIS up into mist!

This episode of Doctor Who is well worth watching but is rare to get in most video stores or game shops. It is a good and suitable price online and can be watched free on numerous sites for watching. If you want to look at a clip of this episode then go to

Overall Character of the WeekEdit

Ian chesterton william russell-1
This weeks number one character is the earliest and very first male companion of the Doctor. Actor William Russell played the part of companion Ian Chesterton to a great extent. Acting as a science teacher in Coal Hill School in the 1960's was how Ian lived. That would all be changed when him and another school teacher, Barbara Wright, find a blue police box in Susan Foreman's junkyard. Ian travelled not too long with the Doctor but was the original companion of the renegade Time-Lord. Ian was loyal to his fellow travellers and was protective of one of his students and acquaintances, Susan. 

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